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Welcome to my webpage and the World of Beauty by Aloette Skin Care & Cosmetics! As a local Kingston Professional, I will be your personal consultant and adviser to help you achieve healthy glowing skin through the most scientifically advanced skin care products available today! With over 30 years of research and development, Aloette offers products for people of all ages, skin types and ethnicity. Combining the most scientifically advanced technology with nature-based ingredients like organic aloe vera, our products bring real results you can see and feel. Aloette Skin Care and Cosmetics is beauty worth sharing and savings worth celebrating!!! We believe that all women and men deserve top quality, results-driven beauty products at a price they can afford. That's why we offer three opportunities to save: affordable alternatives to professional products and treatments, rewards and free products for party hostesses and exclusive discounts for Aloette consultants.

What's special about Aloette products is the "3 Ps"...

purest grade ingredients, the highest potency and the best penetrating delivery system using pure organic aloe vera found in ALL of our products. Aloette combines the most state-of-the-art cosmeceutical ingredients available with pure aloe vera gel and other natural and botanical ingredients. All are allergy-free, non-comedogenic and contain clinically tested ingredients.

Two of our most advanced Anti-Aging systems are...

Aloette's Platinum Series skin care products are the next generation of age-defying skin care. The peptide technologies available in each of these products work to not only protect mature skin but to also help diminish the appearance of existing signs of aging, like wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and dark circles. Feel confident that your skin will look its best after using the age-defying skin care products in Aloette's Platinum Series. Aloette's Ageless Science is your alternative to expensive treatments like Restylane. This anti-aging system combine two of the hottest trends in clinical skin care: hyaluronic acid and nanotechnology that delivers pure, potent hyaluronic acid (the body's natural moisurizer and the principle ingredient in cosmetic injections.

Aloette has gone organic!

Aloeganic: Farm to Jar™ Aloe Vera, exclusively from Aloette!
From the tropical island of Hainan to your favorite AloePure products, Aloeganic is a revolution in aloe vera, brought to you by the no. 1 name in aloe-based skincare: Aloette.
Aloeganic is proven to be 3-10 times more effective than conventional Aloe Vera; Certified Organic (sustainably grown without the use of harmful chemicals); Paraben-free for peace of mind and enhances the skincare properties of the Aloette Aloepure skincare line

Did you know...

Aloette Skin Care & Cosmetics is a GREEN company! We are proud to say that Aloette uses only safe ingredients to help get your skin in the best possible shape! No chemicals, non-toxic, non-comedogenic (doesn't clog your pours) and 100% Certified Organic Aloe. What does this mean to you and the health of your skin? It means effective products that safely treat your skin, nourishing it with ingredients that will firm, tone, tighten, lighten and brighten, and assist in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Income Opportunity & Personal Rewards Program

For over 30 years, Aloette has been helping women achieve financial independence through a network of independent consultants. As one of North America's leading direct sales beauty companies, they offer women one of the most rewarding independent business opportunities available today. Whether you want to earn a lot or just a little extra, Aloette lets you choose, with the flexibility to put life before work and one of the best commission plans in the business. Read about the Top 10 Reasons to Join Aloette (pdf, new window will open) For more information, please contact me to book an appointment.


Aloette Skin Care & Cosmetics ships anywhere in Canada with the exception of NFLD (due to ferry passage).

Thank you

for visiting my webpage. I invite you now to experience beauty at it's best with the Aloette Skin Care and Cosmetics products.
Servicing Kingston, Gananoque, Belleville and surround areas of Eastern Ontario. For more information or to book a private consultation, please contact me.  



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